Application and payment terms and conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before applying for a PHAP course.

  1. Application procedure
  2. Confirmation of attendance
  3. Payment of course fees
  4. Transfer or cancellation
  5. Cancellation or changes of events by PHAP
  6. Visa applications
  7. Payments made in error
  8. Privacy policy


1. Application procedure

Each applicant must complete the online application form for the training course. You will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt upon completion of the form. All applicants are assessed against the course participation criteria, and, if applying for membership, the membership criteria. PHAP will notify you of the acceptance or rejection of your application or, if insufficient information was provided in the application form, request further information within one week of receipt of the application form. You are not registered for a training course until you receive notification of acceptance.

2. Confirmation of attendance

Accepted applicants will receive an official acceptance email, to which they must reply to confirm their attendance. If the applicant fails to confirm attendance, PHAP reserves the right to admit another applicant in his/ her place.

3.  Payment of course fees

PHAP will send an invoice for your course fees within seven days of receiving your confirmation of attendance. Confirmed participants will then be liable for the whole fee unless PHAP receives written notification of transfer or cancellation (see below).

PHAP requires full payment of fees before the deadline indicated on the invoice.

Invoices are issued (and must be paid) in Euros (EUR) unless otherwise agreed. Individuals may pay membership and course fees separately or together, according to their preference, which should be notified to the Secretariat prior to issuing of the invoice.

The invoice(s) can be settled via bank or wire transfer, online credit card payment, PayPal, Moneygram, or Western Union. Detailed instructions on the payment methods will be communicated by email and on the invoice(s).

4. Transfer or cancellation

PHAP understands that the nature of humanitarian work is unpredictable and that circumstances may prevent you from being able to attend a course you have registered for.

PHAP is able to provide several options for handling such situations, subject to the following rules:

More than 28 days before the course start date

  • Transfer to another qualified candidate (subject to approval by PHAP): No transfer charge

  • Transfer to a later date*: No transfer charge
  • Cancellation: PHAP will refund 90% of the received fee minus bank charges

Between 15 and 28 days before the course start date

Transfer to another qualified candidate (subject to approval by PHAP): No transfer charge

  • Transfer to a later date*: PHAP will transfer the registration for an administration fee of 10%

  • Cancellation: PHAP will refund 70% of the received fee minus bank charges

8 to 14 days before the course start date

  • Transfer to another qualified candidate (subject to approval by PHAP): No transfer charge
  • Transfer to a later date*: PHAP will transfer the registration for an administration fee of 20%
  • Cancellation: PHAP will refund 50% of the received fee minus bank charges

Between 0 and 7 days before the course start date

  • Transfer to another qualified candidate (subject to approval by PHAP): No transfer charge
  • Transfer to a later date*: PHAP will transfer the registration for an administration fee of 20%

  • Cancellation: PHAP will not be able to refund any portion of the course fees.

If the invoice is unpaid at the time of transfer or cancellation, you will still be liable for the amount corresponding to the transfer or cancellation administration fee.

Please note that membership dues are not refundable.

* For transfers to a later date, participants are able to participate in any course for which they are accepted within two years of the original course. If the participant does not attend a course within the prescribed two year time period, no refund will be made.

5. Cancellation or changes of events by PHAP

PHAP reserves the right to change advertised details of training events.

If a course has to be cancelled, all participants will be informed at least two weeks before the course is due to take place. PHAP will reimburse all course fees paid or, upon agreement with the participant, transfer the fees to a later training course.

If the dates of a course have to be changed, applicants may request a full refund if the new dates are not convenient or request a transfer to a different training course.

Apart from course fees, PHAP are unable to compensate for any other costs incurred, such as flights and accommodation. Membership dues are not reimbursable.

6. Visa applications

Our training events are held in many locations across the world, so it is sometimes necessary for participants to obtain a visitor visa in order to attend. For entry into some regions, the visa application process can take up to six weeks. Therefore, PHAP suggests that participants contact the relevant visa authorities as soon as possible to obtain their visa before the training.

Important note: PHAP does not provide a visa service and cannot obtain visas on your behalf. The responsibility and associated risks for this are entirely the responsibility of the participant.

However, the PHAP secretariat is able to assist you in your visa application process. Please read the visa policy below which explains: how the PHAP secretariat can help, what the PHAP secretariat can do, and the information the PHAP secretariat needs from you.

Extent of PHAP’s responsibility

PHAP will provide a visa support letter to the relevant Embassy or consulate.

The letter will contain the following:

  • Headed notepaper with PHAP's Geneva, Switzerland, address
  • Confirmation that the named individual has been selected for the PHAP training course and has accepted their place
  • Confirmation of the dates and location of the training course.

The letter will be sent:

  • To the applicant as a PDF file by e-mail or by fax, free of charge
  • To the applicant by courier or registered post (if required), at a cost to the applicant
  • Directly to the Embassy or consulate via e-mail or fax (if required)

PHAP does not accept responsibility for the following:

  • The named individual’s stay in the country and is not acting in the role of a sponsor
  • The provision of a local visa service or invitation letters from locally-based organizations, as PHAP does not use local agents to organize our training events (unless otherwise specified)
  • Any failed visa applications

Conditions for providing support for entry visa applications

Support is provided:

  • Only to the named individual registered to attend the training - the support is not extended to family, friends or others wishing to travel (except if the participant requires a carer or chaperone to attend the training)
  • On the understanding that the named individual has allowed sufficient time for the visa application process (at least 35 days prior to the training date is recommended). It is the applicant’s responsibility to check the relevant timing before confirming their booking

The PHAP secretariat requires the following information to prepare a visa support letter:

  • First/given name(s) as it appears on passport
  • Last/family name(s) as it appears on passport
  • Citizenship(s)
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Expiry date of passport
  • Full address of the Embassy, High Commission or Consular Office to which the visa letter should be addressed
  • In the case that the support letter should not be sent to the applicant: Details of where the PHAP visa support letter should be sent (including e-mail address or fax number)

PHAP will add your contact details to our confidential and secure participant database. You will also be automatically added to our electronic newsletter distribution list, from which you may unsubscribe at any time.

7.  Payments made in error

Any payments made in error, including for membership dues, training, or donations, will be repaid in full, minus any eventual transaction fees charged by financial institutions, if brought to the attention of the PHAP secretariat within 30 days of making the payment. If you have made a payment in error, please contact us.

8.  Privacy policy

You can access our privacy policy here:

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